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Mar 18, 2013 2:00pm PDT
frantically looking to rejigger the tax. i stress, not eliminating the tax. maybe focus on the rich. take 20% of their dough. hard to say. this much is not. it is going to happen. because the government needs the dough. if they still want to get european union dough. it gets weird and complicated. desperate to stay in the euro club. does this ring a bell? it should. no one is taxing the bank holdings, thanks to obamacare, they are going after the other assets. 3.7% on investment sales larger than 100,000 grand. the next time you try to sell your house, trust me. you will hit the roof. think about that. tax not on your income, earned or unearned but your assets. what you have, what you own. your tangible assets. home here, bank account there. is there difference? no. no difference between american government taxing you for medical devices and what it deems as a medical insurance plan. taxing you not on what you make but what you have. the stuff you attain through life of work no, matter when you work or how much you made when you work. stuff you got now. to government, it sees that y
FOX News
Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. the breakdown below $100,000 euros will be taxed at 6.57%. above that, taxed at 9-point #%. above 500,000 euros, taxed at 15%. the wholesale robbery has caused the citizen to rush to get the money out. the response, the banks close. how can a government assume it can get away with this? because they assume they can get away with it. they can own guns but it's a bear to get them. the government wonders of the populist, what are they going to do? shoot us? in america, yes, we will shoot you. gun control advocates have fun order to believe they protect us from the government tyranny. what if the government here tried to take over your bank account? war. it would be on. cyprus proved that joe biden's notion all you need is a shotgun is deeply flawed. sadly, though, the steal from the rich mentality is alive and well in america. remember occupy wall street? how different is the solution from the ret take demands your wealth is spread around? the defense against the toxic ideology isn't only reason but almost with a rifle. so it will never happen here. you have the good sense of the founding fathers
FOX News
Mar 14, 2013 2:00pm PDT
the american public paying the taxes to earmark bulk of their taxes to things they want. if they want the white house press tours. if they want enhanced military. if they want the social programs. you know what will happen? all the things that matt her get supported. the military, police, roads. all the little fluffy stuff will disappear. >> dana: no more solyndra. >> bob: sorry, go ahead. >> eric: one question. "washington post," editorial page, reopen the white house doors, calling it bureaucratic hostage-taking. that is a week later. >> dana: yeah. that is why they could have stopped this from the beginning. i had a good point earlier i said in green room. if you throw the secret service under the bus, why not do it two weeks ago on the night when they announce that the white house tours would be closed? if you throw them under the bus you could have said whoa, secret service. you can't close the white house tours. we will figure this out. the white house will save the day. blame the secret service on that end. instead, they made everybody look bad. >> bob: the secret service agent that spok
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Mar 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. to bury the economy? >> dana: the goal initially was to raise taxes, which they accomplished in january. when the fiscal cliff thing did not happen. that's why we had the sequester now. do you think he is pivoting to say we shouldn't worry about the debt that much. in the immediate term. as a second term president, aren't you supposed to govern for the longer term and focus on a better course? >> bob: accept now that everyone freaked out about a deficit that does not matter. i ask this question over and over. i'll ask it again. what was it today when you woke up in the morning about the debt that affected your life? the answer is absolutely nothing. the idea of trying to balance -- >> dana: if you're unemployed it might. >> bob: no. no. it has nothing to do with being unemployed. >> eric: you can't throw that premise out there on the table that unaffecteded by the debt. the china says we won't take 3% for the money, we want 6% or 9% or 10%, we're done. game over. they win. >> bob: they destroy themselveses in the process. >> kimberly: bob as a popular opinion for democrats. debt don't m
FOX News
Mar 12, 2013 11:00pm PDT
time they expect the republicans to cave on raying higher taxes -- raising higher taxes. >> greg: i don't think this matter to anybody outside our building on sixth avenue. obama knows budget talks fall on deaf ears in education the last 30 years, fact-based information replaced by the feeling. financial education requires thinking. however, anti-bullying conferences need poyiansy in emotion. we will spend our way to oblivion and we obsessed over sex ed. it is time for real life education. forget where do babies come from? we need classes on where does money come from. it's not your daddy's wallet. >> bob: yes, it is. >> greg: my point is nobody knows where money comes from. >> dana: in your personal household? >> eric: you have three potential budgets. paul ryan's budget that deals with the spending. six or $7 trillion in spending cuts. patry ryan says there is a democrat that deals with the tax increases. president obama was one that -- in fact, every time he tries to propose a budget, it fails in the senate with zero -- >> dana: this is the first time in 92 years the congress moved f
FOX News
Mar 16, 2013 2:00pm PDT
taxes, our federal workers are not. there is $4 billion outstanding between federal workers, congressional staffers and white house employees. they should pay their bill. >> actually they should pay their bill. don't you think, jonathan? >> yes. this is animal farm once g. all the animals are equal exempt a few of those in washington, d.c. are more equal than all the rest. >> wayne, what's your pick for the week? >> before that, just so you got to remember something, there was timothy geithner who was the secretary of the treasury. he didn't pay his tax. he got caught on that. it's outrageous. my pick is, i'm not committing a lot of money to new -- new money to this market. i've got old money. i like it, look at shfl, a gaming stock. >> jonathan, yours? >> i saw a bunch of municipal bond funds hit 52-week lows this week. that's a canary in the coal mines for higher interest rates. this is 2001, 2002, but for higher rates, sag those up with interest rates, i hold it and i think it's good buy. >> thank you. gang. and remember, we're here to keep an eye on your cash and your ta
FOX News
Mar 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
of your own money. forget the color of my skin. >> greg: he is fighting taxes that the left uses to marginalize blacks. sooner or later you to address that and point it out to the young people that don't see what is done and manipulated. >> eric: with mia love, ted cruz, marco rubio, scott, on down the line, i think young people will realize republicans don't care about the color of the skin. >> dana: however, i was just thinking in some ways, you could take a fight for gay marriage. if you look at somebody like ellen degeneres who decided she was going to be courageous and she did the coming out on the sitcom and then she has continued to talk about it and push that issue. she learned to talk about the garden variety topic. how do you help us on gay marriage? it's elephant in the room. they are black. they are hispanic. the two gentlemen so far, rubio, cruz. everybody, they have a story. if you pick the story up in the morning it will refer to them being hispanic or black. they just take it on rather than ignoring it to say all right, i'll elbrake it or -- embrace it. conservati
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)